Habit Breaking

Many people in America have dental habits which are harmful to their teeth. It’s hard to stop, but sometimes it is best for your health and future health.

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Stop Sucking Your Thumb:

This is the common habit in a pediatric dentist’s office.  From early on, some children start sucking their thumbs for comfort.  Prolonged thumb sucking can cause malalignment of teeth. There are several options we can try, but if all else fails, we recommend a fixed palatal crib which is a custom made, steel appliance which reminds the child no to put their thumb in their mouth.  Usually within a few months, the habit is gone.

Don’t Thrust that Tongue:

This is a lesser known habit but just as bad as thumb sucking. It happens when someone swallows and they move their tongue too far forward or to the sides.  The teeth and arches can become misaligned.  It is very important to break this habit before undergoing orthodontic work and it can be very hard to break. An appliance is permanently attached to the teeth preventing this behavior and correcting the patient’s swallowing.

Breaking Pacifier Habits:

Like a thumb, pacifiers can give a child a great deal of comfort, but after the age of three, it’s time to say “enough is enough.” Be prepared for some crying, wailing and begging and that is just from the parents! We have several recommendations on ways to stop the pacifier fix, so be sure to ask us how to begin.

Stop Biting:

Kids don’t often chew their nails, but when they do, get ready for some ragged-looking fingers.  It wears down the enamel and is terrible for the gums which may lead to painful gum disease. Not to mention the different bacterium picked up through out the day which are sure the be under the nail. This habit needs to be broken as soon as possible and we can help.
Breaking Bad Dental Habits at Kidz Dental Care in Porter Ranch