Dental Preventative Sealants

On occasion, it may be necessary to add an extra layer of protection to a tooth or multiple-teeth to prevent tooth decay.  We perform a dental treatment called dental sealants which is the application of a plastic material on the tooth in question.

Dental sealants were first applied in the 1970s when they were approved by the FDA as a way to give extra help to teeth which are hard to clean.  The most likely suspecs are the molars and pre-molars which can be hard to reach.

Sealants keep food from entering the pits and fissures on the teeth created by eating and drinking acidic drinks like sodas.  It is best to apply the sealant soon after molars have fully formed.  The process is quick and easy and doesn’t not involve drilling or other invasive procedures and can last from 5 to 10 years.

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Dental Preventative Sealants at Kidz Dental Care in Porter Ranch